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How to Add Fonts on Word

Have you grown tired of using the default fonts in your Microsoft Word? If yes, well, you’re in the right place! Let’s not discredit the fact that Microsoft Word already houses some good font choices, but we also know that sometimes you just want to use a font that speaks your style more. We totally …

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What Fonts are Sans Serif

It is no secret that there are basically two prevalent font types out there that are widely familiar and used in texts. These are the Serif font and the Sans serif font. It’s easy to spot the difference between the two as the main distinction is the presence and absence of serifs on the letters. Where Do …

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Cool Fonts on Word

Many associate Microsoft Word as a more serious software only to be used for business and formal documents that house only professional fonts. That’s actually quite the opposite, as the software is quite versatile and can definitely be used for more than just formal or business documents. Microsoft word also houses a ton of different …

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