Apple iPhone 7 - Water Ressistance

Apple’s iPhone 7 Design Film Is Just Stunning

Two satisfyingly artisan-like films accompanied today’s launch of Apple’s much anticipated, massively hyped and ultimately stunning iPhone 7.

How do you properly visualise masses of tech, an overhauled exterior and a tonne of new features for an audience that are as hyped as they are skeptical? with two slick, achingly detailed films, obviously. The product and design shorts put together by Apple beautifully premiere what their flagship product is all about. Revealed via some pretty incredible animation and precision edits, the iPhone 7 boasts a brand new 12 megapixels with optical image stabilization and quad-LED true tone flash housed behind a new look black and jet black exterior, with a new home button, that is splash and water resistant

Catch a look at iPhone 7 design film below and have a gawk at all those awesome new features over at the official Apple product page, here.

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