Animated Virus Trading Cards

A series of science infographics that cast molecular models in a smart animated style onto a series of virus trading cards.

When scientists discover new protein structures they are uploaded to a worldwide databank, where they be downloaded and rendered in molecular 3D modelling programs, such as UCSF Chimera – which is how blogger, Eleanor Lutz, created the set of virus trading cards.

Each trading card displays the structure of the viral capsid – which is the protein shell protecting the genetic material inside a virus. The aesthetic complexities and impossibly detailed symmetry – which make for endlessly alluring GIFs – remind Lutz of ‘biological versions of snowflakes’.

Read more about the project here and follow Eleanor Lutz’s work at Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

Virus Trading Cards - Chlorella

Virus Trading Cards - AdenovirusVirus Trading Cards - HPVVirus Trading Cards - Dengue

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