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Zack Seckler celebrates the beauty of Iceland’s coast through a breathtaking series of left-field, abstract aerial images.

In November 2015, New York City-based commercial and fine-art photographer Zack Seckler boarded a small, DIY aircraft to capture the usually inaccessible southern coast of Iceland. The unique overhead perspective and Seckler’s abstract sensibility lend the already awe-inspiring sheered ice, wildlife and waves further drama.

You can follow Zack’s work over at zackseckler.comInstagram and Facebook.

Aerial Abstract of Iceland by Zack SecklerAerial Abstract by Zack SecklerIceland Aerial Abstract by Zack SecklerIceland by Zack SecklerAerial Photography by Zack SecklerAerial Abstracts by Zack Seckler

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