Aaron Campbell’s Vaporwave-Inspired Digital Art

A classically 80’s neon-lit colour palette, VHS fonts and smart glitchy effects define Aaron Campbell’s Vaporwave-inspired digital art.

The three lovingly retro work of Canadian graphic artist Aaron Campbell recalls the aesthetic of a late 80’s and early 90’s childhood – the plastic looking 3D modelling, hot pinks and idiosyncratic interior detailing accurately mimic what is was like to grow up in an embryonic digital age.

Using ‘themes’ from his childhood, Campbell fills poolside scenes with chunky electronics, glowing CRT monitors and palm trees – then applying a bunch of wonky tape-like effects to reflect a conceptual, aesthetic and atmospheric Vaporwave influence.

You can follow Aaron Campbell at Behance, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Safety by Aaron CampbellHotel by Aaron CampbellR E W M A C by Aaron Campbell


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