XANNN by Beeple

A Brand New Creative Commons VJ loop From Beeple

Prolific digital artist and producer of awesome motion graphics, Beeple, has made available another completely free, creative commons VJ loop.

We’re huge fans of Mike Winkelmann aka Beeple and have previously featured his vault of glitchy, retro futurist, synthwave-friendly VJ loops here. And today, he put out another addition to his awesome collection of Cinema 4D work, called XANNN.

XANNN is a stunningly rendered, 20-second flyover-type shot that surveys what looks like an exoplanet – it’s surface with teaming with translucent spheres and bolts of sharp, neon light. The firmly digital vibe would be ideally suited to an electronic music project, which is something Beeple encourages, as XANNN has been generously released under a license which allows for commercial use.

You can download the HD 1080p video here and follow Beeple at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.


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