13+ Jaw-Dropping No Mans Sky Planets

Just a week into it’s release, No Mans Sky is already delivering on it’s promise of scale, scope and huge dollops of planet-sized awe.

You’ve probably already heard about No Mans Sky – the intergalactic exploration and survival game that everyone is going mad for – and you probably already know about it’s idiosyncratic procedural generation process. If you haven’t, in short, through complex mathematics and crafty coding, developers Hello Games have spawned an entire universe which would apparently take up to 5 billion years to fully explore.

The seemingly random nature of the games inner workings have thrown up a whole cast of weird creatures, oddball fauna and downright fantastic landscapes. As is the case with procedural generation though,  your just as likely to land your ship on a desolate, baron and just plain ugly planet as you are on one teaming with life. So, we’ve picked out some of our favourites, shared by the games first batch of players, that demonstrate just how lush and awe-inspiring No Mans Sky can be.

If you want to show any of the explorers some love, click through each pic to check out it’s source. No Mans Sky - Lush Reddit Planet ScreenshotLush Green Planet Screenshot - No Mans Sky

No Mans Sky - Jetpack ScreenshotNo Mans Sky - Architecture ScreenshotPink Sky Screenshot - No Mans Sky

No Mans Sky - Pyramid Planet

No Mans Sky - Cave Planet


No Mans Sky - Reddit Planet ScreenshotNo Mans Sky - Earth-Like Lush Planet Screenshot

No Mans Sky - Space Egypt Planet

No Mans Sky - Mountain Lake Screenshot

No Mans Sky - Winter Planet Screenshot

No Mans Sky - Mars Planet Screenshot

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