7 Ways To Make Your Writing More Creative

The act of writing creatively resonates in the best writers. Being able to piece together any information in such a way readers become engrossed in it is a vital trait of great writers. If your writing does exhibit a certain level of creativity, chances are you may lose your audience after the first few paragraphs, regardless of the information you are trying to pass across. Contents lacking creativity tend to undermine the efforts a writer has put in writing an essay. 

Apart from bringing your essay to life in the mind of readers, writing creatively can help you write papers that would pass online plagiarism checkers without fail. One often finds scholars and writers check paper for plagiarism with PapersOwl or any other plagiarism checker for free. Writers who write creatively tend to have fewer texts flagged as opposed to those who don’t. 

Multiple students fall prey to writing in an uninteresting style when writing their academic papers. This is due to the common misconception that academic papers do not have to be written with creative undertones. They fail to understand that creative writing makes for an interesting article to read, hence the need for writers to incorporate creativity into their writing style. Below are 7 ways on how to become more creative. 

1. Be enthusiastic about your topic

Possessing a genuine interest in the topic of an essay is key to writing a captivating one. If you can’t convince yourself to develop a zealous outlook, then it would prove an uphill task to convince your audience. Writing is a form of expression, and readers can pick up on a writer’s feelings from their writing style. 

To help build up enthusiasm for your topic approach it from a different perspective. Instill the belief in yourself that all topics are fascinating. Do ample research about fun facts and trivia. Put yourself in the minds of potential readers, what angle of your topic would they find most interesting? Then make this angle the basis of your essay. 

2. Add amazing information

Include information your readers would find fascinating. Add information that readers do not know of but adding them in a way that’s comparable to their background knowledge. This would not just make the information provided fascinating but also make it relatable to their everyday lives. This sort of writing helps to bring essays with a naturally dull subject matter to life.

3. Copy the writing technique of writers you find fascinating

These are one of the exercises to learning how to write creatively. While reading write-ups that you find captivating, make a note of the author’s writing technique. Incorporate the key features of this writing technique into your writing style. Features to emulate include phrasing, expression, formatting, etc. 

4. Avoid misuse of passive voice 

Passive voice is tricky and takes exceptional grammar skills to pull off correctly in a sentence without it making the sentence feel like a drag. Generally, writers make use of the active voice instead. Using an active voice as opposed to a passive voice will help provide energy to your sentences. 

Active voice: Mary cooked the food. 

Passive voice: The food was cooked by Mary.

The later sentence gives off an awkward phrasing when compared to the former. In an active voice, the subject acts, but in the case of passive voice, the action is performed on the subject. In the sample sentence, Mary is the subject. 

5. Stick to simple words 

Avoid complex words in your essay, except where necessary. Many believe that complex words make their essays seem professional and authoritative. Whereas in actuality, it makes essays distant from readers. Essays are often aimed at informing the reader. If the reader is searching for information and finds your essay difficult or complicated, their interest in your essay would rapidly dissipate. 

Don’t go sorting through a thesaurus in a bid to find the most complex of words. There’s also a chance you are unfamiliar with these words and might end up using them wrongly or out of context. So when it comes to writing creatively, keeping things simple is best. 

6. Practice Mixed Phrasing 

When your essay is continually structured repetitively, there is a high chance your readers might lose interest in your essay. Repetitive phrasing makes your writing predictable and unexciting. Readers aim for unpredictability and excitement. If your writing does not deliver on both of these, you end up losing their attention. 

7. Avoid Rambling

Don’t try to prove smart by trying to explain concepts you are not familiar with, as this can lead to rambling. Use simpler everyday occurrences to explain complex concepts to readers. This will ensure that they get a general idea and are not lost in your Intricate sentences.

Final thoughts 

Always check paper for plagiarism as it could undermine your creativity. Readers can get irritated when the information you are providing is widely stated information. Keep the listed tips in mind, and you will become more creative and write highly engaging pieces in little or no time. 

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