45+ Design Fails That Will Make You Cringe

Today we are sharing with you a list of the worst, but funny, design fails on the web. Have fun!

Designers are paid little money. Everybody knows that. There are plenty of memes depicting a designer’s work compared to the money he/she gets. “As long as they love what they do, it doesn’t matter how much money one makes,” they say. Apart from when it actually does, like when you need to pay bills. Everybody needs and wants money, even the underpaid amazing designers who are overshadowed by the mediocre ones. Great salaries and easy work are not two phrases you often hear together. That is why success is a combination of passion and hard work.

So as long designers love what they do and if they do a great job, we should start appreciating them more. Again, if they do a good job. The market is saturated with designers. Hence design has always been a major interest of the society, there has always been a need for designers. Varying from anti-talent to great artists in design, we have them all. That’s why you get what you pay for.
We are here today to show you what not paying those extra dollars looks like. So brace yourself, this is going to be sad but funny… if that is a thing.

1. Food Flavored Cleaning Supplies

It looks like you can get a great deal on this very brand of sauces. If these end up the wrong hands, it could make a whole house smell like Cracker Barrel.

2. Fashion Fart

High pitched, jerky, rhythmical, airy, short, super long, the fashion of farts is so offering.  Not so much the designers services. Fired.

3. Fast Fitness

There’s no comment I could make about this add without sounding racist.

4. Sasa Lele

In Balderdash, Sasa Lele is the inventor of sucky designs characterized by words decided in a confusing way.

5. Sale

This won’t make sense for non-native speakers of English. They’d be like “why pay 3 if only get 2?”

6. Children’s menu

Children’s menu or the children become the menu? Bud Beer is not the place you can take your children for lunch or dinner.

7. No Safety

I would not trust this boat much enough in order to get on it. Would you? No safety. Smoking first. A big no-no for the no priorities owner of this boat.

8. Not Safe for School

That escalated quickly! Every self motivating ever.

9. Kids Are Weird

Before you pick up the rock, it’s not his fault somebody hundreds of years ago chose “Brown” as a surname. Aren’t we all weird anyway?

10. Lost, S.04, ep. 7

Last time I checked, it was North-South, East-West. Somebody hated their geography lessons and became a designer.

11. Mission Impossible

The only person I can imagine opening this door by pulling it is Wolverine. It wouldn’t end up well for the door.

12. You shall not pass

Some people simply hate road cyclists.

13. Don’t buy marble online

But… why? Why would you create such a horrible sink in first place, and why would you buy such a horrible sink in the second?

14. Pointless ball

The only point I see to this ball is in “Wilson” unless it’s supposed to be a one-kick only ball.

15. Mission Impossible 2

I guess the way they are supposed to get in there is how they’ll come out, too. Draw the conclusions yourself.

16. Sniff much?

I wonder how many more noses these guys have hidden. Or does the second nose have a different purpose? Is there an 8th sense?

17. White Rights

You had one job to do… and you started a civil war. This is what happens when you hire mediocre designers.

18. 1th floor

Firsth floor, secondth floor, … by the time you arrive on the fourth floor, your neurons decide that they had enough.

19. Vinyace

 It almost sounds like a great name for a clothing store. Vinyace, Vintace, Vinyage, choose your favorite and start a business. Careful with the designer.

20. Das Alpenbier

Hopefully bier is German for apple juice.

21. Itechnology Information Ndepartment

What were they even thinking? That doesn’t look funny, nor is it correct, nor does it make sense. I wouldn’t trust these guys.

22. The Eat Loves Me Best

First of all, those two fonts look real bad together. Second of all, that’s grammatically and semantically incorrect.

23. Photoshop Failure

This jacket has a very tight fit and apparently it requires you no feet to wear it. Seriously now, make sure you double or even triple check your stock photos before using the.

24. What’s missing?

Cheese is missing. Do you know why? Because this is cheesier than the Cheese Factory.

25. Apprenticeships

Apply now for apps, rents, ice, and ships. Who said what? This sign has nothing to do with apprenticeships. Or does it?

27. Arlington Pediatric Center

It’s pretty easy to see why this logo wouldn’t be great for marketing. Fortunately, this medical center changed their logo into something more decent, but still, what’s with the crab and the bear? Marketing strategies?

28. Mont-Sat

The wrong placement of the selfie stick can lead to serious damage of the virgin eye.

29. Suit Yourself

The mirror effect doesn’t always do wonders to your design. Sometimes changes a perfectly fine text into a almost vulgar one or doubles in size parts of the body creepily.

30. Apocalypse is here

What’s next? Brain eaters who walk around doing house chores and we all have to pretend that everything is fine?

31. Canibalism

Cannibalism among cats seems to be highly encouraged by this cat food company.

32. Kudawara Pharmacy

What do the dots on top of K stand for, anyway? Why did nobody tell the designer that this is not O.K.?

33. Institute of Oriental Studies

I wonder what do they study there about and how many people wanted to sign up after seeing this logo.

34. Mama’s Baking

This only makes sense if the oven of “Mama’s Baking” is mama-shaped.

35. State of Vermont Pure Maple

If you close the left eye and then the other one, you can kinda see what the designer of this image tried to do.

36. MegaFlicks

This is what happens when you try to save up banner fabric and squeeze letters together.

37. Grape UTS

Grape UTS, Rape Guts, Rape Nuts, or Grape Guts, any of these is actually acceptable.

38. Superbowl

Superbowl has never been more dangerous than now. Play or watch one game and half of your arm is lost forever. Mercy on your soul.

39. Just don’t


Don’t be happy! Worry instead. That’s what we all do… or not.

40. Pool

They either serve poo for dinner or you can play with poo at the table, I’m not sure yet.

41. Vitamins

Hair, skin, and nails are very good for you, they say, if they are in the right places. This couldn’t get creepier.

42. Friends

Ok, for real now, why did they leave so much space between “the” and “rapists?” This could’ve been such a nice glass. Disappointed!



43. Virtual Reality

This almost looks like fine. But then I look again and all I can see is the hard candy in his cheek and the toes.

44. Brooklyn, New York

Give these people a bone and send them home.

45. L’éducation

The French people took the comparison between a horse and a human being to a new level. I can very well see the similarities, do you?

46. Yves Levesque

I am very positive that I’ve seen this filter on Snapchat and had a good laugh while using it.

47. You are ALL alone


When you want to spread a full of hope message but yo totally fail it because of your color choice. Red is never a good idea on pink.

48. And they lived happily ever after  

To me, this looks like a threat: on your wedding day, you and your significant other will live happily ever after we hang you both.


I hope you all had a lot of fun reading this article, but for more serious stuff, visit out Inspiration section where you can find tones of great design ideas for your projects.

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