4 Cool Strategies To Make Your Instagram Pop

Instagram is a must-have channel for any brand. It’s hugely popular and always growing, and its emphasis on high-quality visual content makes it perfect for creatives to share their work.

But creating an Instagram feed that actually resonates with your followers can be tricky. Achieving a slick Insta requires time and effort, so how can you achieve that? Read on to discover 4 cool strategies that will make your Instagram pop in 2019.

Share the love with user-generated content

User-generated content (UGC) is a strategy that works for you and your followers.

Not only does it give your followers a chance to get their content exposed to a wider audience, but it also helps you fill your Instagram calendar when your back’s against the wall. On top of that, it also adds a bit of variety to your feed, rewarding the rest of your followers as a result.

Let’s say you’re a photographer specializing in travel photography. You could reach out to your followers (a significant portion of whom are likely photographers as well) and get them to share their own, non-travel-related content with you with a branded hashtag.

Share the best snaps on your feed, tagging the creator’s Instagram in the caption. As well as giving their work some valuable visibility, showing the love to your audience indicates that you value their input, simultaneously strengthening your follower relationships.

Don’t forget the bigger picture

When you’re curating an awesome Instagram, it’s easy to forget the bigger picture. When we’re focused on creating a slick snap, we often neglect the all-important grid view.

But the way your Instagram looks as a grid is crucial. When users visit your profile to see whether you’re worth following, your overall feed will make or break their decision. To that end, consider each new photo in relation to the ones preceding it. You might want to create a mosaic effect, like the example from apparel brand Herschel, below:

This is a slick effect that will make your Insta pop — but it requires careful planning. A good Instagram management tool such as Planoly lets you coordinate your Insta feed before publishing, mitigating the risk of an untidy feed.

As another option, you could opt for an alternating effect of different photo styles. For example, you might start with a photo of people, followed by a quote text overlay, followed by a landscape, and so on. Check out Refinery29’s Instagram below as an example:

You won’t find two similar types of image next to each other, and the alternating style creates an attractive grid that’s pleasing to the eye. It’s evidence that a good-looking grid view works wonders.

When you’re creating your next Insta snap, don’t just make it look good in itself — always think about the bigger picture.

Turn your followers into customers

Instagram has a range of benefits for the user. From showcasing your work and building an audience to sourcing new clients and bolstering your brand, the visual platform is a valuable resource for businesses and individuals.

But one strategy that really adds value to your Insta is as a sales channel.

Instagram is a vital part of any ecommerce strategy, whether as an addition to an existing online store or as a sales channel in itself. You likely already showcase snaps of your products or work to be sold on your Instagram, perhaps with a link to your website to purchase.

Why not use your Insta as a sales channel and turn your followers into customers? There are plenty of tools that let you tag products in your feed for your followers to buy. Shop Social is a dedicated ecommerce solution designed especially for Instagram, letting you integrate your feed straight to your website.

But if you’re looking to launch a dedicated online store for your work, the e-marketplace provider Shopify is a good option to consider. The ecommerce platform lets you browse and purchase straight from Instagram, both in your posts and in your Story too.

Shoppable posts are an effective sales channel, especially for creatives. You already showcase your work in your channel, and an ecommerce integration with Instagram lets your followers buy what they like via Instagram, while your web store provider manages the payment.

Find out more about how Shoppable posts can enhance your Instagram here.

Transforming your Instagram into a sales channel delivers value both to you and your followers. When they see something they like, your audience can easily buy it in a single click — simple but effective.

Get candid with behind-the-scenes peeks

People love getting a behind-the-scenes glimpse of brands and personalities they love. A candid peek into your inner sanctum engages your customers, making them feel closer to you and boosting their loyalty as a result.

And no brand is too good to let its customers behind the veil — check out the example from luxury fashion house Chanel, below:

It’s intimate, unposed, and mesmerizing, making it an intriguing glimpse into the inner workings of the renowned fashion house. Chanel is known for its high-end exclusivity, but this behind-the-scenes peek gives customers an insight into the brand that they love.

Give your own customers a glimpse into the inner workings of your brand. A short video like the above detailing your graphic design process is one example that would work. But other ideas, such as a snap of your studio or a live video of an industry event, also give your followers a rewarding peek into your brand.

An Instagram strategy that pops is within your grasp. It takes time and effort, but it’s well worth it. Follow the tips above and enhance your feed, and you’ll create an Insta that your existing (and new) followers will love.

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