Game of Heads Illustrations

30 Artists Take On 30 Game of Thrones Heads

For ‘Game of Heads’, 30 artists – inspired by HBO TV series Game of Thrones – have created 30 digital art busts of characters from the show.

The projects completion marks the culmination of a multi-disciplinary, global collaboration between 30 artists – each of whom were tasked with creating a bust using their own techniques. Arya, Jon Snow, Tyrlon are amongst those whose likeness has been digitally rendered and cleverly presented across a 15 image patchwork.

Creatures and characters from the show have been playfully reimagined in minimal, low poly, flat design and hand-drawn styles – reflecting the depth of GOT’s universe and celebrating the ambition of a lovingly executed artistic challenge.

You can check out each designers portfolio and read more about the project here.

Drogon and Daenerys - Game of ThronesGhost and White Walker - Game of ThronesArya and Faceless Man - Game of ThronesGame of Heads IllustrationsLord of Bones and Tormund - Game of ThronesJoffrey and Sandor - Game of ThronesEddard and Tywin - Game of ThronesJon Snow and Ygritte - Game of ThronesSansa and Brienne - Game of ThronesPetyr and Varys - Game of ThronesKhal and Grey - Game of ThronesRamsay and Theon - Game of ThronesTyrion and Bronn - Game of ThronesStannis and Melisandre - Game of Thrones

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