Month: April 2016

Project: Materialize by Sydney Sie

How Sydney Sie Used 3D Printing To Make Abstract Art

Sydney Sie’s playfully weird series of diorama’s, filled with 3D printed printed busts, toys, squiggles and lettering. For the collaborative ‘Project: Materialize’, Taiwanese experimental artist and photographer, Sydney Sie, was let loose with a 3D printer courtesy of manufacturers, Atom. The concept was conceived ‘to show how 3D printing can enhance self-expression for anyone’ and demonstrate that ‘artists are …

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Lux Noctis by Reuben Wu

Using Drones To Illuminate Stunning Photography

In a making of video, the photographer behind a series of stunning North American landscapes images, reveals how drones were used to illuminate the scenes. ‘Lux Noctis’ is a series of images depicting landscapes of North America captured by Chicago-based photographer, Reuben Wu. They were aerially lit to draw the attention of the viewer to ‘only to the illuminated, …

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Animated Virus Trading Cards

A series of science infographics that cast molecular models in a smart animated style onto a series of virus trading cards. When scientists discover new protein structures they are uploaded to a worldwide databank, where they be downloaded and rendered in molecular 3D modelling programs, such as UCSF Chimera – which is how blogger, Eleanor Lutz, created the set of …

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Typographic Posters by Daniel Barkle

Motivational Typographic Posters For Designers

A striking series of typographic posters created to inspire unmotivated designers via words of wisdom spoken by industry heavyweights. ‘Wise Words’ is the work of British graphic designer Daniel Barkle who says that the concept of producing a motivational typographic posters was born from the realization that ‘wherever you practice, whatever studio you work for, or what type of environment you …

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