14 Effective Tips to Save Money on Travel

One of the most common questions asked these days is how to save money on travel. Suggestions from pro-travelers can help you fulfill your dream of traveling the world on a budget.

If you give high priority to travel so that you can create precious memories, then there are some cost-saving tips that you need to follow.

Increased competition between airlines and accommodation providers has definitely lowered travel costs. If you want to travel like a pro and save money on travel, then making smart choices is the only way.

14 Ways to Travel While Saving Money

As they say – A penny saved is a penny earned. Here are some smart ideas will help you save money on travel.

1. Use the free days

This is a basic tip, but quite beneficial. You should always consider visiting tourist sites or museums on free days. Before visiting any place, make sure to look on their website if they offer any discounts or free visiting hours.

2. Be flexible with your flight dates

If you want to maximize all possible chances of securing cheap flight ticket, then make sure that your schedule is flexible. There are several booking engines that offer an instant comparison of flight rates for different routes and travel dates.

Flying at unpopular hours will help you get tickets at discounted rates. Tickets on Wednesdays and Tuesdays are usually the cheapest. Try to avoid the usual holiday period, which attracts a lot of flyers.

3. Join a Frequent Flyer program

You can earn points towards free companion tickets, upgrades, and cheaper fares. It may require some time to accumulate the points, but they can prove to be rewarding in the long run.

4. Use City Tourism cards

There are several cities that issue tourism cards to visitors. Based on the card, you are offered free entry to top visitor attractions, free public transportation, free guidebooks, discounts at local shops and restaurants. This might be worth your money!

5. Consider extended layovers

If you are flexible with your trip dates, then you should consider building your itinerary overextended layovers. It is cheaper to purchase tickets with extended layovers as these are usually cheaper than the nonstop flights. You can even use these layovers to see a new city and explore.

6. Evaluate your luggage

If you want to avoid airline charges such as for overweight charges and checked baggage fees, then try to pack as efficiently as you can. Make sure to carry bags that are well within the airline’s bagged guidelines. You can find the info on carrier websites.

You need to ensure that the checked bags are within the acceptable weight range. There are many airlines that charge extra for bags that weigh more than the accepted weight. Sometimes, an exorbitant sum is charged by airlines for additional baggage which you can easily avoid.

7. Never park at the airport

It would be a disastrous mistake to park at the airport, especially if you are going on a long holiday. It is best to take a public transit to the airport, else you would have to pay a heavy amount as parking bill at the airport.

You can otherwise consider parking at economy garages which cost 25 to 50 percent lower than what airport parking would cost you. Parking at commuter lots is a cheaper yet risky option.

The catch is that commuter lots come with overnight parking restrictions. If your car is found parked overnight in commuter lots, then you may have to end up paying towing and storage bill.

8. Pack plenty of snacks

We all know that airport food is expensive. Anything at the airport will cost you 50 percent more than in the real world. Even the soft drinks and water sold at the airport are expensive.

You can save a lot of money by packing full means and carrying store-bought snacks while traveling. This can be beneficial, especially during long layovers. You can also carry energy-dense, nutritious snacks from home.

Also, make sure to carry an empty refillable water bottle. Make sure to pack your food appropriately to get them through security checks without any problem.

9. Look for local restaurant deals

Keep an eye on promotional deals. These can help you secure great discounts while eating out at local restaurants with your family. Check out local food carts and markets. Having dinner at night markets and food stalls will help save a lot of money as these are quite inexpensive options.

10. Tour the city by foot instead of taking a car or a bus

There are several cities that offer guided walking tours that are quite inexpensive. Travelers can pay for what they intend to cover during their trip. You can discover hidden treasure and learn more about local traditions when you opt for a guided tour.

11. Signup for email notifications

The best hotel sales and airfares usually end up being largely unannounced. Signing up for your favorite travel brands’ e-newsletters can help you save a lot on your next travel. You can utilize special promotion codes to save money.

12. Stay in guesthouses and hostels

If you are looking for budget accommodations, then you need to consider staying in hostels and guesthouses. These are not for everyone but can be a great option for those who love traveling on a tight budget. Airbnb is a popular option among frequent travelers allowing you to save a lot on your stay.

13. Sleep while traveling

If you want to save night accommodation charges, then it is best to travel at night. You can spend the daytime exploring your destination.

14. Earn as you travel

This option is great for avid travelers. You can create a blog on travel and monetize it. This way, you can make money even while traveling. All you need to do is carry your laptop to update your blog frequently. You can write ebooks about your travel, do freelance writing, become a virtual assistant, or do affiliate marketing to make some money out of your passion.

The more flexible your plan is the more you enjoy, and the more money you save. So, plan carefully, and a momentous trip is closer than you think.

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