Levis 501 Original Fit Normcore Jeans

10 Normcore Fashion Essentials For Men

From blue wash jeans to Casio watches, we’ve catalogued the 10 essential pieces of Normcore fashion that every man should have in their wardrobe.

Hipster epicentres are awash with Normcore – a fashion microtrend that has usurped the attention grabbing maximialism of haute couture and high end streetwear in favour of everyday basics. Inexpensive, monochromatic crew neck tees, blue wash jeans and practical accessories are staples of a dress-code that values anonymity over individualism.

We’ve catalogued 10 essential 90’s-infused pieces that play on Normcore’s Seinfeld leanings and dad-core sensibility.

Levis 501 Original Fit Jeans

Levis 501 Original Fit Normcore Jeans

White New Balance

White New Balance Normcore

White Nike Socks

White Nike Socks Normcore

Monochromatic Fruit of Loom Tee’s

Normcore Fruit of the Loom White Crew Neck Tee

Black Turtle Neck

Steve Jobs Normcore Black Turtle Neck

Vinatge 90’s Baseball Cap

Vintage 90's Normcore Baseball Cap

Uniqlo Chinos

Uniqlo Normcore Chinos

Casio MQ24-7E Watch

Casio MQ24-7E Normcore Watch

Levis Denim Jacket

Normcore Levis Denim Jacket

The North Face Fleece

Normcore The North Face Fleece

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