Free Apple Vector Icon Sets

11+ Essential Apple Device, UI and UX Vector Icon Sets

We’ve listed 11+ essential flat and minimal apple device, UI and UX vector icon sets – all completely free and available to download in just a few clicks. These Apple vector icon sets include the companies devices and interfaces rendered in a contemporary, minimalist style that’s well-suited to flat design web and print projects. Each […]

Free Lightroom Presets

69 Best Free Lightroom Presets

We’re truly fascinated by how presets can effortlessly transform the aesthetic and ambiance of your photos with just a single click! That’s why we’ve taken the initiative to scour the internet and look for a great resource of free Lightroom presets that cater to various styles and themes. Whether you’re aiming for stunning outdoor shots,

20 Free Beautiful Business Card Mockups

We put together a handy list of the best business card mockups [2024 Update] available for free online. These great PSD business card mockups are quick to download, easy to edit and best of all, free. I think it would be cool to look into the history of business cards and how we started using them today

Typewriter fonts copy & paste

Typewriter Fonts Copy and Paste

There’s just something about typewriter fonts that give you that nostalgic feel, which is why it’s really fun to use it on your personal projects. We found a way for you to use these typewriter fonts on your smartphones or tablets without having to download them and install them on your device. You just simply

Essential Hipster Cursive Font in Canva that You Need For Your Design

Hipster Cursive fonts are fun to incorporate into your designs for that updated retro look. We wanted to explore the different kinds of hipster fonts out there and we ended up falling in love with hipster cursive fonts! If you’re looking for some inspo on cursive hipster fonts don’t worry we got you covered. Check

72+ Best Calligraphy Fonts Around The Web 2019

A proper font can make or break your design. Choosing the right font can shift your project from average to exceptional, increase sales, and impress your audience. However, all designers know how difficult it could be to find a suitable font. One of the most popular trends this year is using calligraphy, lettering, brush, and

65+ Stunning Serif Fonts

Serif fonts are one of the most used fonts out there. Which is why we created this list! In this list, we collated over 65 stunning serif fonts in modern and contemporary styles. Serif types can be paired with calligraphy fonts, adding elegance and classic vibes to any design. Achieve that traditional look with these

Seapunk Volume 1 Cover

Create Color Swatches From An Image In Photoshop

In this simple tutorial we will show you how to create color swatches from an image in Photoshop CS6 and CC in just 6 steps. Color swatches in Photoshop let you save colors that you like and group them into handy palettes. You can automatically set a foreground colour by clicking on any of squares in the swatch, speeding

30+ Beautiful & Creative Onboarding Screens Designs

Marketers and designers are focusing more and more on the user’s first experience with their app, SAAS product or services. The reason why a lot of marketers fail to create a smooth onboarding process is that they don’t realize the true power of simplicity. You see, the user’s attention span has decreased a lot. People don’t